An old Dixie recipe, this technique works excellently for iced tea. There is no heat involved and the liquor produced is extremely strong. You can enhance the flavor with fresh fruit or fruit juices. And remember, sugar never completely dissolves in iced tea, so honey works better. The steps in an iced tea recipe are:

Step 1 Drop loose tea leaves in a tall jar. Add a teaspoon more than the recommended quantity. (We suggest using 6 teaspoons of tea leaves for 1 liter of water)

Step 2 Fill the jar with water. Cover it and leave it overnight (at least 8 hours). And if you leave it in the refrigerator, you can skip ice cubes and serve it straight.

Step 3 Strain the tea to remove leaves.

Step 4 Dilute it to a desired strength. If you are adding honey, now is a good time.

Step 5 At this point, you can add fresh cut fruit, or juice of citrus fruits like lemon and orange to make delicious mocktails.

Step 6 Serve with plenty of ice.

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