How to make green tea

How to make green tea

There are many varieties and styles of green tea, which means there is no standard green tea recipe. What you see here is the basic guide to brewing a green tea. Try it and tweak it to suit to your preferences and tastes.

Step 1 Measure 2 to 2.5g (0.09 oz) of green tea leaves for 180ml (6 fl oz) of water.

Step 2 Heat water to no more than 85°C (185 °F) or up to a point when small, crab-eye bubbles begin to emerge. You can use a kitchen thermometer to ensure the appropriate temperature of water.

Step 3 Rinse the steeping vessel with hot water to ensure the temperature of the water is not affected by the ambient temperature of the vessel.

Step 4 Place the leaves into a strainer or toss them directly into the steeping vessel.

Step 5 Pour the heated water over the tea leaves and steep for 2-3 mins. Check at regular intervals to ensure the tea tastes to your liking.

Step 6 Once the tea tastes to your liking, strain out the infusion to over over-steeping.

Step 7 Add condiments, like honey and lemon, if desired and enjoy.

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