Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. It is also one of the healthiest, playing a role in the treatment of several ailments such as gastric, stress and blood pressure. Diabetes is another such disease that can be controlled by the consumption of tea.

What is diabetes?

Carbohydrates get transformed into sugar during digestion and the pancreas releases insulin to help the cell absorb glucose to be used as fuel. When this process is hindered, it leads to diabetes.

Those who have Type 2 diabetes are resistant to insulin, which renders it harder to control the levels of their blood sugar. Those who suffer from Type 1 diabetes do not produce insulin at all, as the insulin-producing cell of the pancreas is attacked by the body’s immune system.

Diabetics have difficulty in metabolizing sugar. Type 2 diabetics suffer from having insulin that is ineffective in decreasing sugar levels, leading to increased blood sugar levels.

How tea aids diabetics

Is Green tea good for diabetics? Drinking green tea for diabetes has been recommended as it is considered to help sensitize the cells, improving their capability to metabolize sugar or in other words, green tea lowers blood sugar levels making it one of the best teas for diabetes. Another way in which tea functions against the disease is by helping curb obesity.

Tea contains the antioxidant polyphenols, which reduces stress and widens the arteries. This aids in reducing cholesterol and decreasing blood. Polyphenols also regulate glucose which controls diabetes.

Black tea is also shown to prevent Type 2 diabetes. This highly fermented brew converts the simple flavonoid compounds to complex compounds.

To gain the maximum advantage of tea, it is best to have it without additives such as milk or sugar. This will let you reap maximum benefits from the drink. It is important to note that tea in itself is not a magical cure, those suffering from diabetes need to focus on physical fitness and a healthy diet as well.

Can tea help with diabetes?

Teas such as black tea, green tea, and oolong tea are few of the best teas for diabetes as they can lower blood sugar levels. They all contain polyphenols, which researchers believe have anti-oxidative properties that can help prevent type 2 diabetes.

When it comes to herbal tea for diabetes, it cannot cure the disease but can reduce the symptoms and risk associated with the disease. Some of the best herbal teas for diabetes are dandelion tea, licorice tea, and green tea.

Can Diabetics drink tea?

Yes, if you are a diabetic you can still drink tea, however, there are certain types of tea that are recommended for those suffering from diabetes. For instance, green tea is good for diabetics along with black and oolong tea.

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