Who is Fairtrade International (FLO)?

Fairtrade International is a non-profit organization working towards developing and reviewing fair trade standards, assisting producers in gaining and maintaining fair trade certification and capitalizing on market opportunities.

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The basic objectives of Fairtrade standards (source: Fairtrade website) are to:

  • Ensure that producers receive prices that cover their average costs of sustainable production.
  • Provide an additional Fairtrade Premium which can be invested in projects that enhance social, economic and environmental development.
  • Enable pre-financing for producers who require it.
  • Facilitate long-term trading partnerships and enable greater producer control over the trading process.
  • Set clear core and development criteria to ensure that the conditions of production and trade of all Fairtrade certified products are socially, economically fair and environmentally responsible.


What is Fairtrade Certification?

Fairtrade certification is a product certification system overseen by Fairtrade International aimed at ensuring that a product (and its brand) meets certain environmental, labor, and developmental standards.

FLO-CERT is the independent auditing body associated with the organization involved in independent auditing of marketing organizations and producers. The certification is aimed at securing equity in international trading, of specific food products, based on transparency and respect. Its objective is to support sustainable development making sure that the producers (farmers) are not subjected to exploitation of conventional commercial trade practices.

What is Fairtrade Certified tea?

Fairtrade International has established standards in tea production for both tea estates as well as small producer organizations. Fairtrade certification for a tea estate ensures that the growers and workers have been treated more fairly and receive decent wages greater than or in line with legal minimum wage.  

Here’s a list of Fairtrade Certified estates featured on Teabox.com:

In Darjeeling, Avongrove, Castleton, Goomtee, Jungpana, Mission Hill, Oaks, Glenburn, Samabeong, Selim Hill, Sungma, Singbulli, Turzum and Risheehat.  
In the Nilgiris, Chamraj and Korakundah estates. 
In Assam, the Chota Tingrai estate.

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